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Company Profile & Team
Our Values

Prescali Environmental Consultants (Pty) Ltd is guided by the principles of sustainable development, which meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations, to meet their own social and economic needs.

Our Mission

We are determined to utilize and apply environmental legislation in order to provide quality environmental services with integrity and fairness while not compromising our codes of professional conduct and codes of ethics in assisting our clients.

Our Vision

Prescali Environmental Consultants (Pty) Ltd’s vision is to become one of the most preferred consultancies within the industry in providing environmental and auditing services to an array of clients.

With the advantage of being associated with various other specialists in the environmental field, Prescali Environmental Consultants (Pty) Ltd can provide specialist input on almost any environmental issue or concern to provide the most efficient and cost effective management strategy through associated environmental ethics and integrity.

- The Team -
Elaine van der Linde

She is a registered Professional Natural Scientist and holds a Master in Environmental Management degree. She has 18 years experience in the environmental field.
Her key focus is on environmental auditing and legal assessments, environmental monitoring, risk assessment, management and co-ordination of environmental projects.

This includes integration of environmental studies and environmental processes into larger projects and ensuring compliance to legislation, policies and guidelines; compliance reporting; the identification of environmental management solutions and mitigation/risk minimising measures.

Morné de Jager

He is a qualified engineer (B. Ing – Chemical Engineering) with 20 years experience in the environmental field
He has experience in conducting various types of monitoring, including surface and groundwater monitoring, as well as developing the necessary monitoring programmes for various types of industries in compliance with the requirements of the various government authorities.

He is a fanatical environmentalist, and continuously strive to incorporate various aspects of environmental sustainability and the principles of perm culture in all projects that he is involved with. He’s main focus is noise impact assessments and related studies.

Johan Maré

He has a Master of Science degree in Microbiology and 33 years experience in the environmental field. He is experienced in providing strategic environmental and compliance advice to a wide variety of clients both in the public and private sectors.

He has working knowledge of the implementation of and the requirements of the National Water Act of 1998 (Act 36 of 1998) as well as related departmental policies, strategy and guideline development.

He has undertaken various projects including EIAs, EMPs, education programmes, environmental training and conducted extensive public involvement.

Petro Erasmus

She has a Doctorate in Zoology and has been involved in the environmental field for the past 13 years.
She has been involved in compiling a number of Water Use Licence Applications and Integrated Water and Waste Management Plans, Environmental Impact Assessments, Basic Assessments, and Environmental Management Plans for projects in different parts of South Africa and conducted extensive public involvement.

Corlien Lambrechts

Corlien has a BSc Honours degree in Zoology and 3 years experience.
She has been involved in various projects that include: Water use licence applications, Wetland and River rehabilitation plans, Ecological Assessments, Environmental Audits, Environmental Management Plans (EMP’R), Scoping Reports and Basic Assessment Reports. She is passionate about ecological related studies and research.

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